Line up:

-K- Vocals, Bass, Guitars // 
-P- Guitars // 
-T- Drums // 
-M- Blood&Vomit




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ARROGANZ is raging honesty. Real despair. True anger. An attitude beyond "fuck off". A pure will for freedom.
Since 2008 this band developed its own style and sound - beeing 100% heavy metal and not giving a shit about any clishés at the same time. Straightforward death metal with obscure doom parts are their trademark. ARROGANZ really stand for their own.

The band heads concerning musicianship, groove and feeling and played clubs and festivals all over Europe.
With their latest album PRIMITIV (2017) the infamous three piece opened their very own musical universe of pain and wrath. Followed by an EP entitled ERZKETZER (2018) this Germans got unstoppable - and they are already working on the third part of this trilogy.

b r e a t h e . r i s e . r u l e . d i e


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