Line up:

Ville Viljanen - Vocals
Mikko Sipola - Drums
Teemu Heinola - Bass
Andy Gillion - Lead Guitars
Kevin Verlay - Guitars



Bio E

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Taking a look at the career of MORS PRINCIPIUM EST so far shows that the band easily attracted attention with each album.
Already in the days of their debut ìInhumanityî (2003) critics were full of praise for the Finns,
who still sounded fresh and made no secret of where their roots were. Comparisons to At The Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity,
or even the fellow-countrymen Children Of Bodom were common, but MORS PRINCIPIUM EST have never been characterized
as just a mere clone of the above mentioned.
Even when the follow-up albums ìThe Unbornî (2005) and ìLiberation=Terminationî (2007) were released,
the names of  the scene pioneers were always at hand, but rather to show that this upcoming band is on a par with them.
This positive response from the press helped to build a loyal fan base and establish the band internationally.

Since 2007 the band had to deal with several line-up changes, which almost lead to their disbanding
and were the reason for the long hiatus. Over the following years they tried out different musicians and combinations,
clearly intending to not let things end this way. In 2011 they found Andy Gillion from United Kingdom
and Andhe Chandler from New Zealand as their new guitarists (selected from over 200 applicants).
With this new line-up they recorded the album "...and Death said liveî(2012).

However, another line-up change happened: Andhe Chandler left the band and Kevin Verlay came in as their new guitarist.

In 2014 the band returned extremely impressive with "Dawn of the 5th Era": brute and tremendous riffs meet beautiful melodies,
which were recorded, mixed and mastered at well-known Panic Room Studios in Sweden.


"Inhumanity" (Listenable Records, 2003)
"The Unborn" (Listenable Records, 2005)
"Liberation=Termination" (Listenable Records, 2007)
"...and Death said live" (AFM Records, 2012)
"Dawn of the 5th Era" (AFM Records, 2014)

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